Are you in your thirties and already have grey hair growing? Or maybe you are younger with long grey/white hair that can’t be covered by any hair color? Are you a woman who dyes her hair for many years and wants to get over it for once? I guess you couldn’t find solution to this problem for years, and have tried many chemical products which have made it worse. The chemical products often have substances in them which in order to cover your grey hair they damage it. No, you don’t want damaged hair, nor white hair. The remedies that you needed were right in front of your eyes, but you couldn’t see them clearly. Read this article, and you will understand what I am trying to tell you.


There are natural remedies you have in your kitchen that can help you cover your grey hair without any damage, pain or money. You buy these things for your everyday needs, so it won’t change anything in your budget.

You can use them separately, or make mixtures, depending on which way you choose to try or which one have effects on your hair. Yes, this ‘products’ are universal and cover grey hair, but not every hair is the same. That’s why you should try 2/3 combinations, or more, until you find the one that fits your hair type best. I will give you many things with positive effect on grey coverage, and you are free to choose which mixture to make and from what.

Here you are:

1. Henna Paste
(goes best with coffee powder and coconut oil)
2. Black Tea Leaves
3. Coconut oil
4. Freshly squeezed lemon juice ( goes best with coconut oil, for blonde hair )
5. Curry Leaves
6. Potato Peel Rinse
7. Black Coffee
8. Black Pepper
9. Chamomile leaves
10. Apple Cider Vinegar
11. Kombucha
12. Onion juice
13. Ginger
14. Almond oil
15. Black walnut
16. Egg yolk
17. Honey

I suggest you make a mixture out of 2 to 3 ingredients. Don’t forget that one of it has to be liquid (oil, tea, juice, vinegar) and the others can be solid or semi-solid. Try to combine them by the color you want to get (black coffee, black walnut- for black hair, honey, chamomile- blonde, potato, almond, ginger-brunette).
To have results you have to repeat the treatment 3 times a week, or before every hair wash. It’s recommended you make the mixture and put it on greasy hair, let it stay for 30 minutes and wash it after that.


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