Who I work with...

I am happy to work with men, women and children, even though sometimes we can uncover some very personal information or feelings. If you'd feel more comfortable working with a woman, I am happy to refer you either to my wife Pip or a member of the Rainbow Team. I fully understand that some people just feel more comfortable working with a man or in some instances a woman - that's just the way it is and everything is fine.

The key is that the client feels comfortable at all times.

I have seen and heard a lot of things and situations and I doubt there's anything you could tell me that would shock or alarm me.

How I run sessions...

I can run sessions for you face-to-face or over the phone. I am based in Hamilton, New Zealand but can travel provided my costs are covered.

What's involved...

A ThetaHealing® session

A ThetaHealing® session involves me (the practitioner) going up to the "Creator of All That Is" through prayer and asking for guidance on what will help you the client at that point in time for your highest and best.

It doesn't matter what you believe in or what you call your higher being, energy, creator, etc., it just requires that you believe in something.

I usually hold the hand of the client but don't have to if that is uncomfortable for you.

A questioning technique called "digging" is used to get to the core/bottom belief the client holds that is causing the block or symptom. I then use prayer to change that belief to release the block and aid the client's healing processes.

I also use muscle-testing to check beliefs you may hold and show how they can change through the ThetaHealing® technique. I can either test through you holding your fingers together, or I can get you to stand up and see which way you sway when asked questions.

Trust me, it sounds weird but it works.

Sessions can be quite profound, can be very quick, and almost always head off in a direction you don't expect.

A Being in Colour® session

Unlike Tarot, the Being in Colour® cards are read by the client not the practitioner. Indeed, one of the principles of a Being in Colour® reading is that the practitioner does not put their "spin" on what the cards say. If someone thinks that (say) the white card is warm, it is not the practitioner's responsibility to say otherwise - they go with the client's interpretation.

You shuffle the cards yourself whilst thinking about a question. I then guide you through a series of questions to discover how you feel about the images and what that means for you.

Being in Colour® is possible over the phone, though Skype with video is easier; if you don't have a video link, you will need a set of the cards.


Sessions normally run for around 45mins to 1.5 hrs depending on what comes up on the day.

I charge $90 for 1hr ($45 for 30 mins, etc).

When I can see you...

I normally work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on occasions Sunday. If you would like a session outside these times, please contact me as it may be possible.