Intuitive Healer

Upcoming ThetaHealing® courses being run by myself and my wife.

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Basic DNA


8th to 10th Jan 2018

19th to 21st Feb 2018


Advanced DNA

3rd to 5th Dec 2017

4th to 6th Feb 2018

9th to 11th Apr 2018

Dig Deeper


6th & 7th Nov 2017

10th & 11th Dec 2017

11th & 12th Feb 2018

14th & 15th Apr 2018



Manifesting and Abundance

22nd & 23rd Jan 2018

Intuitive Anatomy



5th to 23rd Mar 2018



Disease and Disorder


16th to 27th Apr 2018





26th to 30th Nov 2017

30th Apr to 4th May 2018


Soul Mates


24th & 25th Jan 2018

Rhythm to Finding Your Perfect Weight



26th Jan 2018


World Relations


8th to 12th Nov 2017

15th to 19th Jan 2018

26th to 30th Mar 2018 BRISBANE - Provisional



Please note the booking system is on my wife's website and will look quite different from THIS website.

Upcoming ThetaHealing® "foundation" seminars

Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper are the pre-requisites for any further seminars, however I personally believe that you should also do "You and God" before undertaking anything else as it makes it so much easier to do the digging in later classes.

Basic DNA introduces the ThetaHealing techniques

The Advanced seminar expands on the knowledge from the Basic seminar

Dig Deeper gives you additional techniques that you can use so you are confident at digging to find your clients' key core beliefs

Get to know your true motivations, learn to know true intuition versus being led by what you want to happen

  • Basic DNA
    08 June 2018 09:00, in Napier, NZ
  • Basic DNA
    07 July 2018 09:00, in Hamilton, NZ
  • Basic DNA
    11 August 2018 09:00, in Hamilton, NZ