What is Being in Colour?

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Being in Colour® is a card-reading process for the 21st century. Unlike many other cards (especially Tarot), it is a process that the client does for themselves (with guidance) and taps into their own feelings and emotions - the practitioner does NOT do a reading for the client.

Being in Colour® was developed by my wife and I and is particularly good at opening up a line of conversation to get to the bottom of someone's troubles.

A session involves the practitioner asking a sequence of questions around what the client sees in the images.

It can be life-changing.

A Being in Colour® session

Unlike Tarot, the Being in Colour® cards are read by the client not the practitioner. Indeed, one of the principles of a Being in Colour® reading is that the practitioner does not put their "spin" on what the cards say. If someone thinks that (say) the white card is warm, it is not the practitioner's responsibility to say otherwise - they go with the client's interpretation.

You shuffle the cards yourself whilst thinking about a question. I then guide you through a series of questions to discover how you feel about the images and what that means for you.

Being in Colour® is possible over the phone, though Skype with video is easier; if you don't have a video link, you will need a set of the cards.