Get Rid Of Face Stains And Make Your Skin Shine In Only 3 Days! (Recipe)

Do you want to get rid of face stains and make your skin shine in just 3 day, then you should try this recipe.


Potatoes and lemon

You’ll require:

  • 1 potato
  • Juice of a big part of a lemon.

How to make:

To start with making of this recipe, you have to peel the potatoes. At that point you have to mix them and include the lemon juice. Presently you have to blend these until you get a fine combo which you will use as a face cowl.

Apply this face veil in your pores and skin in a roundabout motion and permit it to stay for 20 mins. After that 20 minutes wash it off with water.

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Potatoes and garlic

You’ll require:

  • a large part of a garlic
  • 1 potato

How to instructions:

For putting in place this face cowl first you need to hack the garlic and the potato. Then you’ll have to mix them pleasantly. You need to practice the acquired combination onto the stimulated sector and permit it stand like that for around 15 minutes. At that time you have to wash it of off your face.

Potatoes and cucumber

You’ll require:

  • a massive portion of a cucumber
  • 1 potato


Blend together each one of the fixings and apply the following combination to your skin utilizing round movements. You should leave that mask on your face for around 20 mins and after that wash it off with plenty of water.

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