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Kindness is the key

Logo v2 smallIn this fast-paced world of instant-gratification we live in, the biggest change we can make in our lives is to be kind to others - and ourselves. We have no idea of the challenges others are going through in their lives and if we show kindness and respect to others, we get it back hundred-fold.

Being kind to others doesn't cost anything and indeed it is an investment in our own well-being.

I spent 20 years in the corporate IT world and have been through some financial, relationship and health "issues" over time, so I know the stresses of daily life and how it can take its toll on your emotional and physical well-being.

Since starting on my spiritual "journey" about eight years ago, I have undergone profound changes for myself and seen it in others. I appreciate what is truly important in life and have gained a whole new perspective on my place in this world and how I can help others. This was quite profound after I learnt some of the more advanced ThetaHealing® techniques.

I can offer one-on-one sessions or a series of short-courses to help you find a more positive focus in your life.

If you would like to learn more, drop me a line or call me, I would be happy to help.

John Oxlade


John is a fantastic healer, you can feel the difference instantly, he continues until he gets to the root cause of the issue.
He also follows up with you the following day, and if you have any issues he’s always there and is willing to help you sort it out.
He is a very skilled and highly talented Theta' practitioner.
I would highly recommend going to John for a ThetaHealing session.

I used to hate digging, but when we did our Dig Deeper course (on the tail end of the others) it gave me a greater understanding and showed me different and easier ways of digging. Now I have no problems in digging and you get to the issues a lot easier, than taking the long way round. One thing leads to another. John is a fantastic teacher I would highly recommend everyone does this course before they do IA [Intuitive Anatomy], as it gave me a lot of insights on how ThetaHealing really works.

As a male, I enjoyed John's teaching style, humour, self-awareness - and in a class full of men. It helped me find resonance between the ideas of Theta' and my own particularly male/masculine personality.

Upcoming ThetaHealing® "foundation" seminars

Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper are the pre-requisites for any further seminars, however I personally believe that you should also do "You and the Creator" before undertaking anything else as it makes it so much easier to do the digging in later classes.

To see the full schedule of seminars and other events, CLICK HERE.

Basic DNA introduces the ThetaHealing techniques

The Advanced seminar expands on the knowledge from the Basic seminar

Dig Deeper gives you additional techniques that you can use so you are confident at digging to find your clients' key core beliefs

Get to know your true motivations, learn to know true intuition versus being led by what you want to happen

  • Basic DNA
    07 July 2018 09:00, in Whatawhata (Hamilton), NZ
  • Basic DNA
    11 August 2018 09:00, in Whatawhata (Hamilton), NZ
  • Advanced DNA
    14 July 2018 09:00, in Whatawhata (Hamilton), NZ
  • Advanced DNA
    18 August 2018 09:00, in Whatawhata (Hamilton), NZ
  • Dig Deeper
    21 July 2018 09:00, in Whatawhata (Hamilton), NZ
  • Dig Deeper
    25 August 2018 09:00, in Whatawhata (Hamilton), NZ